Imagine Letcher- Economic Development Action Plan

The June 2022 flood in Eastern Kentucky was a devastating tragedy for Letcher County. It was also a strong reminder that the community of Letcher must work together and make critical strategic investments in order to remain strong and relevant.

Imagine Letcher, a DbD-led Economic Development Action Plan, serves as a roadmap for building critical infrastructure, diversifying the economy, revitalizing downtowns, expanding outdoor recreation, and building a resilient and sustainable future in Letcher County, Kentucky.

While the flood did create new problems, it also highlighted the importance of community vision for creating a successful future. As painful as it was, the flood presented the perfect opportunity for the county to reimagine Letcher.

And this is why the Pine Mountain Partnership engaged Destination by Design and Thrasher Group to help Letcher County develop a plan to highlight a unified vision ensuring Letcher County takes its rightful place as a compelling destination within Kentucky and Appalachia.

By working together locally and with state leaders, we can ensure that Letcher County continues to flourish as a vibrant part of Eastern Kentucky.

Through the spirit of cooperation and teamwork, the Partnership is working to ensure a vibrant future for both current and future residents. And we were glad for the opportunity to help.

Full Plan Document

The Pine Mountain Partnership includes leaders from Letcher County, Jenkins, Fleming-Neon, Whitesburg, and EKY Heritage Foundation.