Get Close to Nature

DbD produced a promotional video for the Anne Springs Close Greenway that will take their brand story to a new generation of greenway users and supporters.

Anne Springs Close Greenway is an 2,100-acre protected natural area in Fort Mill, SC comprised of lakes, forests, and pastures that includes trails for hiking, biking, kayaking, and horseback riding. DbD partnered with the greenway to produce a promotional video advertising their brand story, unique facility, and property.

Watch the Video:

Telling the Greenway’s Story

Ann Close Greenway is in a conservation easement, but it will be preserved forever for low impact recreation. The natural spaces of the Greenway serve as a green buffer to the urban life of nearby Charlotte, NC, and it has been designed to feel like an extension of people’s backyards, giving them several ways to connect to nature. The video’s purpose was to highlight this “why,” and share with the public why Ms. Close was inspired to create the property. The Greenway offers new infrastructure as well as programs and activities for the public like the Greenway Race Series and Summer Concert Series. From dog walking to mountain biking, equestrian lessons to stand-up paddleboard rentals, there is something for everyone at Ann Close Greenway, and the video’s inspiring message encourages viewers to get outside and connect with nature.

Video Stills

ms anne close

A Polished Product

The final video includes HD video and drone footage, interviews with Greenway leaders and staff, professional motion graphics highlighting the property’s most valuable elements, mastered audio, and licensed music. The project is rounded out with 5 short videos to be distributed by the client via the Greenway’s social media platforms.