Town of Beech Mountain Recreation Plan

Beech Mountain-The highest incorporated town east of the Rocky Mountains.

Destination by Design is working with community leaders in Beech Mountain on a multi-pronged effort to connect more people to the assets that make Beech Mountain unique.  

Whether taking advantage of the ski slopes at Beech Mountain Resort in the winter, or taking advantage of the picturesque views and bountiful hiking opportunities in the summer, Beech Mountain has something to offer outdoor enthusiasts year-round. It’s no wonder that the town’s full-time population of just 350 swells to as high as 5,000 during summer months and 10,000 during the winter.

Project Scope

Natural Playground Park, Greenway Elements, Streetscape Elements


Town of Beech Mountain, NC

In a town like Beech Mountain where tourism and recreational activities are so vital to its livelihood, the importance of connectivity becomes even more acute.



“As with much of our work at DbD, the focus is both on improving the function of transportation nodes, while also enhancing their visual appeal along the way.”




Shane Park Plan – Combining Leisure with the Outdoors

A major project component in Beech Mountain is the Shane Park plan, which involves developing more outdoor common areas that tie into existing natural assets in and around the town.

Buckeye Creek is the focal point of this project. The 23,000-square foot Buckeye Recreation Center serves as a central man-made recreational facility, that complements the array of developed parkland, lakes, hiking trails, and other natural assets that attract outdoor enthusiasts to Beech Mountain.

We are working with community stakeholders to envision what assets similar to the Buckeye Recreation Center could be developed to further bring visitors and residents together in an open outdoor space. Features such as a natural playground and amphitheater are under consideration.

Unique Solutions to Unique Assets

Beech Mountain has a number of unique assets that have necessitated a more “think outside the box” approach. The common denominator with our work in Beech Mountain has been about enhancing connectivity via man-made thoroughfares, while still preserving natural assets.


We want to create structures that are sensitive to the landscape, and unique to the mountains.



Beech Mountain Parkway

Working collaboratively with a partnering engineering firm and town officials, we are helping design and construct the Beech Mountain Parkway. This planned greenway will run along the town’s main thoroughfare, and connect town hall to the town’s uber-popular ski resort. Equal parts construction project and design project, DbD will be primarily responsible for the streetscape elements (landscaping, lighting, etc.) that will add visual appeal to this new thoroughfare.

Construction on the greenway is expected to commence in the Summer of 2018.

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