Ithaca, New York is known as a college town, a haven for artists, and a destination for outdoor recreation: in other words, a perfect canvas for our brand designers and place strategists to partner with Visum Development Group, an innovative NY-based real estate investment company and developer of Ithaca’s Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA). 

NOTA will be a transformational development project designed to breathe soul into an underutilized former industrial site, bringing together retail, arts, culture, recreation, and connectivity to a neighborhood that has been largely cut off from Downtown Ithaca.

Visum aims for NOTA to be a catalyst for a wave of revitalization in Ithaca, and a centerpiece for the arts in Upstate New York. NOTA will support local artists, as well as provide a place for an emerging fine arts scene with a plan to attract visitors and collectors.

Through visual identity creation and brand strategy, Destination by Design created the aesthetic to empower NOTA with an identity and future brand direction to accomplish just this. Perhaps something vintage-inspired, yet memorable, fun, and ultimately approachable will give new vibrancy to the community…. 

“As with every place brand project, we want to capture what is authentic about this part of Ithaca, and what Visum is trying to bring forth, by drawing from the industrial past and putting color to their vision,”

Matt Wagoner, Art Director, Destination by Design

We believe this lively, arts-forward identity will engage the arts community in Ithaca and help Visum to attract an active, creative class of innovators to a new part of town.