Connecting Visitors to Natural Assets

As part of our broader involvement in the Rutherford Bound Tourism Plan, Destination by Design worked with the town of Lake Lure and the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) to develop specific strategies that will bolster the town’s tourism efforts. 

Boardwalk and Marina Plan- Bird’s Eye View¬†

In Search of a Focal Point

Our primary task on this project was to identify a set of recommendations that the town of Lake Lure and the Rutherford County TDA could pursue to make Lake Lure a more visitor friendly destination. And we relied on significant input from local leaders to inform our process. 

The primary opportunities we identified to improve the town’s tourism product include:

  • Redeveloping the Lake Lure marina building into a regional tourism hub
  • Redesigning the marina itself to increase boat docking capacity
  • Removing and replacing old boardwalk connecting new marina to lakeside beach area

Town Center Concept- Bird’s Eye View

The Lake Lure marina represents a pivotal redevelopment opportunity that could serve as a catalyst for increasing tax revenues and spurring private investment within a visitor-oriented activity hub. It is clear from our research and from stakeholder input that the town’s marina has significant potential as an “anchor” that could capture more tourism activity for the town.   

Framework For Lake Lure

Connecting the Dots Lake Lure is not lacking in things to do or sights to see, but it was clear to our team that connections to key assets needed to improve. The beauty and amenities associated with Lake Lure and its 720-acre man-made lake helped to turn the town into one of North Carolina’s premier resort areas. By updating key local assets like the marina and town center, and by investing in better pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, Lake Lure will be able to elevate its already impressive tourism portfolio. 

Marina Photo Rendering