Stagecoach Greenway

An Old Mill Town Gets A New Industry.

The town of Lawndale and its surrounding communities had fallen in disrepair after the local cotton mill closed. The Boardmembers of Cleveland County Water chose to leverage the area’s biggest asset, the First Broad River. Thus, the Stagecoach Greenway was born.

A Community-Led Story

More Than Just A Plan

The Stagecoach Greenway, a new walking and biking trail, highlights an exceptional river while featuring four parks, two river accesses, and Main Street in Lawndale, North Carolina. Providing an unparalleled recreational experience for an area of its size and rural location, the Greenway preserves the story of Cleveland County’s agricultural history and Lawndale’s mill town heritage, while paving the way to a trail town future. 

Lawndale Park

Size: 8.5 acres

Proposed Amenities:

  • Stagecoach Greenway visitor orientation area and access
  • Riverfront beach
  • Kayak/canoe launch
  • Walking loop
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic platforms
  • Fishing area
  • Parking
Lawndale Park presentation board
River Point Park

Size: 40 acres

Proposed Amenities:

  • Stagecoach Greenway access
  • Natural Surface Trail Network (approximately three miles)
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
River Point Park presentation board
Long Rock Park

Size: 3.7 acres

Proposed Amenities:

  • Kayak/canoe launch
  • River lookout
  • Maple Creek trail access
  • Stagecoach Greenway access
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
Long Rock Park presentation board
Lawndale Boy Scout Hut

Size: 6.7 acres

Proposed Amenities:

  • Gathering space with fire pit
  • Amphitheater with stage and patio space
  • Scout Hut building enhancements
  • Natural surface trail with small plaza area for seating
  • Spur trail connection to the Stagecoach Greenway
  • Increased accessibility and parking
Scout Hut presentation board
Lawndale Town Center
Lawndale Town Center presentation board
Stagecoach Greenway Sign Concepts

Brad Cornwell
Client, Cleveland County Water

DbD brought the ability to not only design a good concept from an engineering and practical standpoint, but also to develop the marketing and the branding to go along with it.

The outcome of this process was to take a small community decimated by the loss of industry and give folks hope for revitalization through an awesome plan.

Read the plan

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