The Place Creator’s Guide to Tourism Infrastructure Planning

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It’s an exciting time for the tourism industry in North Carolina as many Tourism Development Authorities (TDAs) across the state continue to see their occupancy taxes grow. With this growth, TDA leaders are proactively working to enhance quality of life and change the built environment. 

Are you interested in learning how to more effectively plan and implement tourism-related capital infrastructure projects? Would you like to hear some case studies and success stories from other TDAs?

If so, join us for this free webinar customized for North Carolina TDA and local government leaders working to foster a stronger tourism economy.

We hope you’ll join us!
March 16th, 2022  •  11:00 –12:00 EST

During this interactive webinar, you can expect to:

  • Understand the importance (and the opportunity!) of a proactive approach to tourism-related capital improvements
  • Discover the value and methods for fostering public interest and engagement to support tourism projects
  • Take an in- depth look at the timeline associated with capital infrastructure projects from community visioning to the final ribbon-cutting celebration
  • Hear case studies from other successful TDA-led community planning efforts
  • Gain actionable strategies and techniques to guide your community through the master planning process
  • Have your questions answered in real-time by the DbD team.

Your Hosts

Eric Woolridge

Eric Woolridge

President & Director of Planning

Eric has worked in planning and economic development for more than 20 years. During his career, he has assisted more than 200 local government jurisdictions in the fields of land use planning, place-based economic development, open space & greenway planning, downtown revitalization, and place branding.

His passion is to help create compelling plans and places through consensus-building among elected officials, staff, citizens, and developers. 

Matt Powell

Matt Powell

Director of Communications

Matt leads DbD’s community branding and marketing-related projects and develops targeted brand strategies that promote quality of life and economic development.

Matt is passionate about helping communities uncover their true essence and communicate a shared vision.

Erin Welsh

Erin Welsh

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Erin is an experienced marketing professional, content developer, and grammar nerd, and serves as a storyteller for both DbD and many of their clients.

During this webinar, Erin will act as the moderator. Please email with any questions, concerns, or technical difficulties.


Tourism and government leaders working to develop tourism infrastructure 


The Place Creator’s Guide to Tourism Infrastructure Planning


March 16, 2022
11:00 -12:00, EST


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