Lawndale park development planning

Lawndale Park Construction

Lawndale Park (First Broad River, Cleveland County, NC) is the first project to be implemented as part of the Stagecoach Greenway Plan completed in Feb. 2021.

Since plan adoption, our planning team secured a grant stack including two federal grants, two state grants, and one private industry grant, which combined, total $1,240,000. These funds were leveraged from three local sources, which committed $875,000 for a total project budget of $2,115,000.

Concurrently, our Landscape Architecture and Engineering team completed an amazing set of construction documents and secured all permits. We’re looking forward to seeing the public enjoy this one.

North Carolina is dedicated to outdoor recreation and we can’t wait for the park’s new unveiling in spring 2024!

Lawndale Park Construction is Underway

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