What We Do

As a planning and design firm, Destination by Design partners with towns, counties, states, and all types of non-government organizations to improve the built environment in their specific context.

One way we do this is by telling the unique story of each project through graphic design, photography, video, web design, and messaging.

Another is by concentrating on economic development and value creation—integral elements to our comprehensive planning and design approach.

Helping the public sector identify strategic investments generates new business opportunities and increases private sector financial support.

our services

  • Our Recreation Master Planning services include system-wide and site-specific master planning as well as design, engineering, and construction documents.  With a range of capabilities, our team is ready to enhance your community’s quality of life through recreation planning, design, and development.
  • We help destinations elevate their profile and tap into the tourism economy.  Whether promoting existing assets, or planning, funding, and implementing new tourism anchor products, we stand ready to help you become a next-level destination.
  • Our Downtown Revitalization services range from infrastructure planning and implementation, to place branding, and marketing campaigns. Through prior experience, informed research, and public engagement methods, we provide the insight for you to make the strategic public infrastructure and promotional investments necessary to attract private investment, engage local residents and visitors, and breathe new life into your downtown.
  • We offer a range of Land Use Planning services, from regional and comprehensive plans to small area and civic ones. Coupled with innovative public engagement techniques and our multidisciplinary approach to planning, our team provides community-driven plans packed with the visual tools necessary to publicize and execute your unique community vision.
  • Every community is unique. Our in-house Communications Studio offers a range of branding services to help your community uncover and communicate its story, including brand research, community and stakeholder engagement, strategy creation, logo and identity design, as well as brand implementation.
  • Greenways and trails are in our DNA.  With experience in a variety of urban and rural settings, our team is well-equipped to provide an expansive set of greenway and trail services – from regional system planning and design, to construction and implementation. We even offer sustainable trail building workshops.

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