Mountains-to-Sea Trail Master & Strategic Plans

Destination by Design Project: Stone to Pilot Mountains-to-Sea Trail Master Plan


Mountains-to-Sea Trail Master Plan: Stone Mtn. State Park to Pilot Mtn. State Park


Wilkes, Surry, and Yadkin Counties – North Carolina


Elkin Valley Trails Association, Appalachian Partners in Public Health, NC Division of Parks and Recreation


Develop detailed trail plan for connecting Stone Mtn. State Park, Town of Elkin, Town of Jonesville, and Pilot Mtn. State Park (approximately 70 miles)


The Stone to Pilot Trail Master Plan outlines recommendations for implementing a 70-mile section of the NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail, connecting two State Parks, four counties, three towns, and many other historical and cultural assets. The planning process involved a public workshop attended by more than 80 residents that generated over 300 ideas. In addition to identifying preferred and alternative trail routes, the plan also addresses trail design, character, and architectural theme for trail support facilities.

The ideas, insight, and barriers shared at the public workshop were examined within each sector to ensure the most meaningful and feasible trail route.

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