A Visual Identity for the Heart of the High Country

At the heart of the NC High Country, and arguably one of the top leisure destinations in the state, Downtown Boone had, until now, never invested in a visual identity that could capture the imaginations of locals and visitors alike. This brand needed to personify exactly why people love Downtown Boone so much. DbD rose to the challenge and developed a fun, soulful expression of Boone’s easy-going, mountain vibe at 3,330 feet in elevation. Everyone can “Live it Up” in Downtown Boone.

Downtown Boone Brand Image
Boone Brand Light Post Banner

What the video below to hear Boone’s Downtown Development Coordinator share about the success of their new branding campaign and the excitement surrounding their big mural reveal.

YouTube video

Establishing an Iconic Mural in Downtown

Drag the slider above for a before/after view of the Downtown Boone mural project.

DbD presented the Town of Boone with this rendering and a vision to create a massive mural on Depot Street in Downtown Boone.

This mural concept was met with much excitement by the community. The property owner agreed and an underwriter helped make the project happen.


Final deliverables for this project included community engagement workshops to gather opinions on variations of the proposed brand and taglines. Other deliverables included logo development, a brand style guide, and mural design as well as business card, envelope, and letterhead designs for the Downtown Boone Development Association.

Through a series of consultations with the branding committee and one public meeting, we reviewed previous community and stakeholder research, established three conceptual design directions, brainstormed and considered multiple taglines, and refined chosen concepts to arrive at a successful brand for Downtown.