Branding the Wasatch Frontier

In collaboration with TPMA, Destination by Design developed a community branding strategy for Southwest Wyoming. DbD conducted a Discovery and Evaluation project consisting of market research, stakeholder research, and a community branding workshop to gather public opinion on the identity of Southwest Wyoming; this information was eventually used to develop the delivered branding platform.


Southwest Wyoming’s location is in prime position between Salt Lake City, Utah and the High Uintas Wilderness. The region’s rich history includes the settling of the Bridger Valley, the birthplace of JC Penney in Kemmerer, Fossil Butte National Monument, and a significant role in establishing the Transcontinental Railroad, which still crowns Downtown Evanston in the form of Evantsont’s Historic Roundhouse & Railyards.  These historic assets exemplify the past, present, and future of the great Wyoming spirit.

Opportunity as Expansive as the Landscape

The opportunity in Southwest Wyoming is as expansive as the landscape with their commitment to preserving access to the outdoors and dedication to business-friendly policies.  The region’s diverse economy combined with affordable prices, low taxes, and a growing downtown is ideal for people who want to live near the Wasatch Front and love wide open places.
The region is well-positioned as an “Expansion District” for the Wasatch Front, with “great bones,” and an established infrastructure prepared for business growth. 

The Untamed Spirit of the West

From its destination outdoor recreation, like the High Uintas WIlderness and Flaming Gorge, to the traditional and historic downtown cores of Evanston and Kemmerer, Southwest Wyoming exemplifies the untamed spirit of the West. 
By telling the their story, and the stories of locals and businesses who make the region their home, Southwest Wyoming can establish its identity as a Wasatch expansion zone and attract like-minded entities in search of new places and open spaces.